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Are whitening strips bad for your teeth?

When used correctly and responsibly, many over-the-counter whitening strips are safe to use. However, professional teeth whitening is the safest and most effective way to whiten teeth, remove yellow stains, and brighten your smile. Our cosmetic dentists in Rehoboth Beach offer precise and comfortable professional teeth whitening. 

Professional Whitening vs. Whitening Strips 

Unlike store-bought whitening kits, professional whitening prescribed or performed by a dentist is reliable and gentle on sensitive teeth and gum tissue. You can expect thorough, even results that aren’t often possible with drugstore whiteners and whitening strips.

Though whitening strips are convenient, they can slip and move around on the teeth, leaving you with splotchy, less-than-perfect results. Whitening strips can also contain potent bleaching agents that irritate the teeth, gums, and lips. 

If you want to erase dental stains and discoloration, we recommend speaking with your dentist about tooth-bleaching options. Together, we can create a dental whitening plan that meets your aesthetic goals and budget. 

Professional Teeth Whitening in Rehoboth Beach, DE

Our cosmetic dentists offer affordable and professional take-home teeth whitening systems to our patients who desire a brighter smile. If you have stains from coffee, tobacco, red wine, or other substances or habits, we look forward to helping you! Give us a call to schedule an appointment with us at our dental office in Rehoboth Beach. 

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