Pediatric Dentistry

Rehoboth Beach Dental is thrilled to offer dental care to your entire family – even the youngest members! Our team of skilled and friendly dentists and talented and gentle dental hygienists provides comfortable and caring pediatric dentistry, and we are able to serve the unique dental needs of children from the very young ones through teenagers.

Your Child’s First Visit

We encourage you to bring your children to visit our office by the time they reach their first birthday. This is important for two reasons:

  • It allows us to take a look at how your child’s teeth are coming in and check that he or she has good overall dental health.
  • It gives your child a chance to meet our dental team and become comfortable with the idea of people looking in his or her mouth. Starting regular dental visits early sets the stage for a lifetime of good dental health habits.

Your Child’s Dental Development

Kids have different dental needs than adults, and we understand that at Rehoboth Beach Dental. Children’s mouths are constantly growing. Baby teeth come in and then are later lost. This process happens in stages and over several years. We will discuss the stages of your child’s dental development with you and make sure that you know what is normal and what to expect as well as keeping you informed about any special concerns that we may have regarding the way your child’s mouth is developing.

Preventive Pediatric Dental Care

Regular dental care from a young age allows us to head off any potential problems. For example, if your child sucks his or her thumb, this may set the stage for problems with overbite or a cross bite. Thumb sucking can lead to gaps in teeth that can affect chewing and speech development. If thumb sucking is a concern for your family, we will provide advice and suggestions to help your child break the habit.

We can also discuss important topics such as brushing and flossing. Kids need help learning to brush and floss their teeth and will need assistance with these activities until their fine motor skills have developed to a point where they are able to perform the task on their own. We can help you determine when that point is by watching your child’s brushing and flossing technique and provide both you and your child with pointers and hands-on demonstrations.

Using the right toothbrush and toothpaste as well as the proper amount is also important. As your child’s needs change, we will be there to help you choose the right dental hygiene products to meet your child’s needs. Many children have difficulty using regular dental floss, and we can recommend products that will help your child floss effectively.

Dental Sealants

Many children also benefit from having sealants placed on their molars. Molars have deep ridges and crevices, and some children have difficulty effectively reaching and brushing these teeth to keep them free of bacteria and decay. Sealants help by sealing off the ridges with a special material that keeps bacteria from settling into the crevices and growing. We can discuss with you whether sealants are a good choice for your child.

Call Rehoboth Beach Dental today to schedule a pediatric dental appointment for your child. We look forward to caring for the teeth of your entire family.

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